How do I book a tour now? Do I need to pay in advance?
Imagine that this is the last ever Madonna / Beyonce / Prince (oops, too late!) concert so you need to book now or you’ll have a serious case of FOMO. (We know that they’ve had a few concerts since, still works like a charm though!)

All bookings must be done on our website (at least 24 hours before the tour) for adults and children (4-11 years old). Children 3 years old and below are free to join, as long as you let us know in advance although not really recommended as they’re not old enough to enjoy wine.

Cash sales are not accepted for public tours (unless you email us and beg us to let you do this).

For private tours, a minimum refundable deposit will be required to confirm your booking, with the balance payable in cash on the day.

What happens when I make my online booking?
  1. It takes you to Paypal so you can pay by card (you don’t need an account to use it).
  2. You will receive 2 emails (a Paypal confirmation and an invoice from us) with meeting point information. If for any reason, you do not receive these within an hour, please let us know. If you’re still using Hotmail, this will definitely happen so please get another email account or check your spam folder!
  3. You will also get a copy of our Barcelona menu guide so you can impress your loved ones with your Catalan vocabulary and a list of our favourite restaurants and bars in the city.
What is your cancellation policy?
Within 2 weeks of your tour or activity date, tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled. Tours run regardless of weather conditions (rain or shine).. Please email us at least 2 weeks before the tour to request any changes or a refund (subject to a 20% admin fee).

We will try to accommodate date changes within a week if you ask us nicely (although we can’t promise anything).

Barcelona Food Tour retains the right to issue refunds at our discretion.

If the tour is sold out, is there a waiting list?

There is no official waiting list. Please request this using our contact form and we will see what we can do.

Can I book a private tour or activity for my group?
We absolutely love groups! We’ve had a hen do, wedding party (yes, the whole wedding!), team building, scavenger hunt, happy group of Dutch friends and a very happy group of Danish men. We’ve had them all.

Give us something exciting to work with and we’re up for the challenge! Try not to be drunk before the tour.

What’s the difference between the Evening and Brunch Tours?
During the brunch tour, we are having a progressive Spanish brunch so there will be more sweet stops to start. On the evening tours, you enjoy dessert only at the end of the tour. Don’t worry, there will be alcohol on both tours!
Does the tour guide accept tips?

Is the Pope Catholic? We always appreciate some wine / cocktail money tips. It will tell us that you had a great time! We know that the locals don’t really leave tips but hey, they’re not on our tours! The industry standard is 15%.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, you may purchase gift certificates for family and friends who are visiting and also for those who are relocating to the city. They make great Christmas / Hanukkah / Eid / Diwali / birthday / wedding presents too!


Where do the tours start and end?
The exact meeting point for your food tour will be provided immediately upon booking. This will be in a central location and easy to find.

The tour may end up to one metro stop from the start. Don’t worry, we will help you get a taxi or take public transport.

What if I’m late? Can I join another tour or get a refund?
Will you get a refund if you turn up halfway through The Nutcracker / Madame Butterfly / Enrique Iglesias concert? Can you join the next show? Ummm, didn’t think so!

Turning up late is considered a late cancellation (and a lack of respect for others, tsk, tsk) and will not be eligible for any refund. We advise you to be at the meeting point at least 5 minutes before the start of the tour, please.

If you’re running late, please call us on +34 622 593 804 to find out where to meet your guide and group if they have already left the first stop.

How many people can take the tour?
The maximum number of people on our food tours in the peak season is 12. On average, we have 4-6 people on our tours.

For private tours, we can accommodate bigger groups.

How much walking is involved?
You will hit at least 5,000 steps on your app. Result! There are no stairs to climb unless you want to.

Tours last approximately 4 hours and you will be on your feet for around half the time. The tours are very casual on fairly flat terrain. There will be a couple of times when we will need to sprint to cross the street, that’s all. So be alert.

Is the tour wheelchair and baby buggy accessible?
Please note that most of our locations are small and may be tricky for baby buggies. Also note that in the old town, there are some uneven surfaces, and even cobble stones.

At this time, we cannot accommodate wheelchair users as most of the places do not have disabled toilets. We are disappointed about this as it doesn’t seem to be a priority in the city. Yet. Watch this space.

Are there bathrooms available?
Yes, some quirky bathrooms (really, you should take some pics) are available at several stops and we will give you an ETA to the next available one.
Are food selfies permitted?

Only if you tag us on Instagram and Facebook! There is a limit to the number of food selfies taken during the tour so we can keep to schedule (only half joking).

Can I shop during the tour?

During the brunch tour, you can do some food shopping. For clothes shopping, just grab a business card if you like a shop so you can return in your own time.

Are your tours only offered in English?

Mais oui! Our public tours are officially offered in English and private tours may be requested in Spanish and French. We do translate sometimes as our guides are all multilingual, clever clogs.


How much food is served?
There is no need to eat or drink anything before the tour. Don’t go to a buffet. We even offer you coffee to start the brunch tour (to make sure you’re awake!).

You will be enjoying around 12 food tastings, which is equivalent to a large brunch or dinner (definitely more food than the average European can eat!)

There is no risk of starvation (unless you fast throughout the tour). We promise food heaven or a food coma. Up to you!

Is alcohol included? What drinks can I have?

A glass of wine or beer will be offered at all stops on the evening tour and at a couple of stops during brunch. Just don’t expect a whole bottle per person (yes, we’re talking to you Europeans ahem!). We can direct you to bars after the tour.

We promote responsible drinking so water will be provided. Again, please be considerate as this isn’t free in Spain (yes, we’re talking to those of you who pour a whole glass then don’t drink it).

Important: No sangria will be offered, ever. If you want to drink sangria, please join another “tapas” tour. We mean it.

I don’t eat pork. In fact, no meat at all. Can I still join?
We can cater to vegetarians, no worries. However, we draw the line at vegans. Come on, there’s nothing Spanish for you to eat. Not even yummy cheese!

We will have to create a private vegan tour. No problem as we know all the best vegan restaurants in town. We will be honest though. It won’t be as enjoyable as eating jamon iberico.

What about other dietary restrictions or allergies?
Please tell us your dietary restrictions upon booking. If you have a list of 3 or more allergies, we’re not sure you really want to join a food tour.

Same goes if you are a very fussy eater. Just saying.

Make sure you bring your own EpiPen just in case. That’s not included.

I’m Paleo / primal / keto / AIP / some other lifestyle. Can you cater to my macros?
That’s entirely your responsibility. There will be grains and maybe some legumes so it will be tough on you hardcore ancestral advocates. We can offer you gluten free options though. We get it but YOLO. How many times will you be eating the food in Europe? We promise absolutely fresh, whole foods so IIFYM.

We recommend scheduling the tour as a free meal then “IF” the next day. You are welcome to bring your own food scale and track your macros. We just won’t do it for you, sorry.

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