• We have supported the Slow Food movement from the very beginning and made sure that our suppliers adhere to these principles.
  • We support small family-owned businesses and give them a new audience and valuable feedback.
  • We believe in offering you the most delicious, fresh food in Barcelona at a fair price.
  • We always offer honest feedback on restaurants and update our recommendations based on current trends and the latest openings.
  • We invest a percentage of our profits in Kiva projects. If you believe in microfinance, by booking a tour with us, know that you are helping out a budding entrepreneur in a third world country.

Eat well, live well.


I’m a multipassionate cook, coach, entrepreneur, writer, future astronaut (I hope!) from London.

I’ve worked in every industry from banking to healthcare and I left the corporate world for good in 2011. My last role was developing people to sell more Guinness, Baileys and Tanqueray.

My turning point happened when I went backpacking solo around the world in 2008-2009 and I’ve never been the same since. I finally fulfilled my dream of living a more relaxed lifestyle in Barcelona, while exploring various projects such a running a group for foodies to hosting events.

What started out as an idea while dreaming of quitting the rat race has now turned into an evolving passion project.

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