VIP Private Tours


We offer all our public tours as private tours for families, friends and groups. In addition, we offer the following:

OMG – Oh My Gracia Food Tour

Gracia is the ultimate Catalan neighbourhood in Barcelona. Wander down tiny streets and you’ll find charming little squares, boutiques and unusual little shops.

Barceloneta Brunch

For a moveable feast with a difference, visit the former fishing village of Barceloneta. Full of local bodegas and rustic little tapas bars, this is a great place to drink with the local residents and enjoy fresh seafood.

Born to Be Chic (Luxury Tour)

If you want to pamper yourself by eating and shopping at the same time, this tour is for you.

Narrow streets, vintage boutiques, wine bars, specialty food shops and more can be found in this little corner of Barcelona. Similar to London’s Notting Hill, this area boasts picturesque squares and hidden workshops. Prepare to be enthralled on this luxury tour. This is where high fashion meets gourmet cuisine.


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